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India creates surgical strike special force

15-05-201915-05-2019 17:21:44 IST
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India creates surgical strike special force

Heard about surgical strikes? Probably yes for everybody.

First in 2016 and then in 2019, the Indian army and airforce killed terrorists in Pak Occupied Kashmir and even in Pakistan. After PM Narendra Modi announced that India has conducted surgical strikes on PoK and Pakistan, lot of commotion was created to grab the credit, or to let the credit go away from the PM. In the near future, that commotion and discussion may not be of this much intensity. The reason, India is creating a special force for surgical strikes and they would occur more frequently in the near future. 

Indian defence forces might have taken enough time to prepare the team that conducted the surgical strikes. To reduce the time and effort to do a surgical strike in future, India created a surgical strike special force and decided to appoint a Major General to lead the team. 

In other words, India is boosting its firepower to conduct surgical strikes more frequently than in the recent past. That means they can do the same strike with less notice time they are given in the past. The special operations division which comprises elite commanders from all three services - Army, Navy and the Air Force will be headed by a Major General rank officer. 

According to sources, recruitment for tri-service special operations division is underway. It will be soon developed into a division having a substantial number of cadets.

The duties of this division would be carrying operations across the border and specific anti-terror missions. These missions target terror infrastructure that shelter terrorists harmful for India. The tactical operations some times need skills from all the three wings of the armed forces. At that time coordination will take much time and the presence of a division headed by a Major General will make coordination necessary for the tactical operations easy. The presence of a division for a particular purpose will also develop personnel with skills necessary for that particular purpose.

The division will work under the Integrated Defence Staff (IDS) responsible for synergising the functioning of the three forces and headed by a Lt General rank officer. The concept behind the creation of the force is to make all the three services come together as soon as possible for a tactical operation and train men and officers for such purposes. 

How many personnel, this division may have?

As per the information from the sources, it may have around 200 personnel but the numbers will be increased in the near future. The plan is to set up a 2,000 strong commando triservice division in the coming days. The numbers from the army will be more despite the presence of people from all the three services. 

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